General Information

Songwriting Workshop with Audra Kubat

This workshop invites guests to collaborate in writing a song inspired by select artworks within your museum. This encourages engagement with the art in a new and exciting way; a guided songwriting process that would result in a finished work performed musically by the instructor. While hobbyist or professional songwriters are encouraged to attend, this workshop is primarily geared towards any interested museum guests. Led by award-winning singer-songwriter, Audra Kubat, museum guests will become contributors to the creation of art guided by art.

This process begins with the group making observations about the selected artwork, creating a working list of things they notice, and recording these ideas with pencil and paper. Using VTS (visual thinking strategies), this becomes a conversation on that art. From their notes, each participant submits a favorite line or concept to the group.

Kubat helps guide the group through a creative discussion developing these lists/observations into lyrics, which are then ultimately paired with a melody she contributes. Gradually this would be directed into a cohesive, reflective lyrical piece of music that would be performed live at the end of the hour-long session.

The purpose of this workshop is to have guests experience an interactive way to view art and to gain some understanding of how to turn visual inspiration into song.


*Ideal number of participants: 15-20 (30 max) of all ages *Duration: 1-1.5 hours

*This entire process can be concluded by recording the song so it can be archived. A professional version can then be shared on the museum’s website where participants of the workshop and all other visiting guests can listen/download/review what was generated from the experience, and see themselves sharing credit for its creation. This entices others to sign up for the workshop.

*The downloads need to be free because of copyright laws and the participants of each workshop listed as contributors to the finished piece.

*There should be a release form for participants so that it is clear that no one can claim the rights of the lyrics/music (myself included). We could also discuss making the museum stewards of the work so that the organization could retain the rights to use it.


  • The workshop is valued at $1200-1500 (negotiable).

  • Multiple workshops can be done at a reduced package rate.

  • A 50% deposit is required to hold the workshop date (flexible).

  • Add an additional $200 for a professional-quality recording of the finished songs.