Every child has an instrument and every instrument has a home.


We are committed to empowering the children of all ages in NW Goldberg and the greater Detroit area with tools to inspire a connection to their voices and the rich history of the area through the exploration of music, songwriting, and a celebration of community.


House an Instrument Library where children of  all ages can explore a variety of musical instruments.

Offer musical instruction on a variety of instruments with local working musicians.

Provide space for lessons, recitals, and music-based workshops.

Pair working Detroit-based songwriters with neighborhood youth to explore and develop their skills as songwriters.

As a part of musical instruction, there will be a partnership forged between youth, working songwriters, and area elders in an effort to create new relationships between youth and the neighborhood’s history, between youth and artist, and between youth and elder.

DHoM will open its doors as a community gathering space dedicated to inspiring youth through music education. With a focus on preserving the history of the neighborhood and the values and traditions of its people, youth will learn to interview their elders, collect their stories, and recount them through song. The programs will teach youth to perform and record the resulting work with professional recording equipment, concluded with a series of local and traveling recitals that showcase the work.

Through a mentorship with professional Detroit-based songwriters, youth will transcribe the stories they’ve collected into song. Participants will have access to free music lessons and an instrument library. The library, comprised of donated and restored instruments, will allow students to check out instruments and enter into a “lesson to own” program. Through dedication to learning, each student will have an opportunity to own their own instrument. 

Local, national, and international musicians and poets will perform at DHoM, exposing students and residents to music from around the world.